Samsung Galaxy S20 Features You Must Try

Samsung Galaxy S20

After purchasing Samsung Galaxy S20, you should set it up so that you can maximize the features on this phone. Setting up this device is super easy especially if you have used Samsung smartphone before. This smartphone offers high-end features that you may not find in other devices.
Actually, Samsung offers some models on its S20 model. For instance, it offers Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 plus, and also Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. But, in this article, we try to explain Samsung Galaxy S20 features so that you will be easier to manage and use this gadget.
Here are some high-end features you must try on this smartphone.

  • Fingerprint and Facial recognition scan.

Once you set up the New Samsung Galaxy S20, you will be asked to create a pin, fingerprint, Swipe pattern, or face recognition scan. This process is aimed to protect your smartphone so that others cannot use it.

  • Display Refresh Rate.

It is one of the cooles specs offered by Samsung Galaxy S20. This smartphone can refresh image faster than other smartphone. This way, you can make the video look smoother. But, when you turn this feature on, you may be able to run out your battery life faster.

  • Single Take for Camera App.

This smartphone enables you to get a good shot effortlessly. You can turn on Single Take mode. This feature helps you to take five photos in a single take. It also offers various effects such as ultra-wide shot. The camera is equipped with artificial intelligence that will show the best shot for you.

  • Space Zoom.

Samsung camera has Space Zoom feature that combines 10X digital and 10X optical zooming. This is the smart way to bring the photograph object closer to you.

  • Super Steady Camera.

If you want to get shake-free video, you can turn on Super Steady motion. This feature can keep the object roughly. But, this feature can reduce the field of view for about ne-third.

  • Hyperlapse and Night Mode.

Night Mode is not a new feature for Samsung flagships. But Samsung Galaxy S20 has a new technique which is called as nona binning. It can turn a low light image. You can have a good photography result by using Hyperlapse. But, make sure that your camera is steady.

  • Pin Apps.

This smartphone enables the users to pin the app for instant access. You can pin three up to five apps depending on your RAM and Galaxy S20 model.

  • Google Duo Integration.

This smartphone is integrated with Google Duo into your Contact App. So, you can video-call the people on your Contact list.
That’s all some features of Samsung Galaxy S20. It may be difficult to decide which phone is the best when you compare it with iPhone 11 Max Pro.

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