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mydlink login page allow users to access mydlink Cloud Cameras. Manage your Cloud Cameras from anywhere & anytime using mydlink account. You can visit

myDLink Cloud Camera Installation

There are two ways to Setup Dlink Cameras-

Zero Configuration Setup- 

  • You need a Dlink Cloud Router to configure your Dlink cameras. This method is the easiest method to setup the cameras.

mydlink Mobile App Setup

  • If you don’t have a Dlink Cloud Router, use mydlink mobile app. Available for Android and iOS Devices.


Zero Configuration Setup

Zero configuration setup can configure your cloud cameras within 2 Minutes. Hassle free setup can save your time and issues which you can face while configuration. Only requirement for Zero configuration is a Dlink cloud router. Rest you just need to connect your Cloud camera with your Cloud router using simple WPS(wireless protected setup) method.

Steps for Zero Configuration Setup-

  • Connect the power adapter to the microUSB port. You can find it on the back of the dlink camera. Plug the adapter in to a wall socket.
  •  Now Press WPS button on the camera for 3 seconds. Blue LED will start blinking.
  • On your Dlink cloud router Press WPS button for 3 seconds. Make sure you Press WPS on the cloud router within 40 seconds.
  • Now open your browser and type in to access mydlink login page. Login in your mydlink account and look for any new device connected. If connected you will see a pop up on the dashboard.
  •  You will receive a summary and confirmation. Hit yes and complete the setup.

mydlink Mobile App Setup

If you don’t have Dlink cloud router, you can install mydlink app from google play store or app store on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Launch mydlink app and click on gear icon. Hit Add New Device and follow on screen instructions to setup Dlink cloud camera.
  • You can Scan these QR codes to install the app for your corresponding devices.


add camera using mydlink login

Access myDlink Cloud Camera Web Configuration Utility

Once your Dlink Camera is setup you can manage them by accessing camera web configuration utility.

Here are the steps to access web utility and manage advance settings-

  • To login, visit on your PC.
  • Login in your mydlink account.
  • Select your camera > click on settings tab > click Advanced settings.
  • Login with your admin details. Username-admin and password you created while setup. 
  • Remember, your default password is blank.


Note: If you are directly connecting your PC to the camera, the default IP is

steps to setup mydlink login page for cameras

myDlink Login Frequently asked Questions

 1. What can I do if I forget my password on mydlink cloud camera?
You need to reset your camera, use paperclip to press and hold the reset button for 12 seconds. Make sure it is plugged in.
2. Why does the LED not light up?
Check your power connection, mostly faulty connection. Use DC 5V power supply only and avoid surge protector if facing problem.

3. Why does the Network Camera work locally but not remotely?
Check internet firewall settings on your modem or router. Make sure you allow Outside your local LAN connections.

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